Battery Reconditioning for Laptops and Phones

In most cases when you purchase a new device for the first time, you begin by charging it. Whenever your device needs to be charged, you simply plug in a charger and charge it. However, just like everything wears out, Rechargeable batteries do it too. With time, the battery on the device starts showing less time. Thankfully by employing the methods described below you can be able to bring your battery back to life.

How can you recondition Lead acid batteries?

More often do car batteries wear out at an inconvenient place. However, the reason why they wear out is very different from other rechargeable batteries. Additionally, lead-acid batteries are expensive, so it is advisable to recondition one rather than buying new. You can recondition batteries using the procedure below.

1. Slowly remove the battery and open the caps. Though many lead-acid batteries have metallic protection, this does not make them so difficult to remove. Remove every cap and only replace them after you finish

2. Add distilled water if the battery has shortage of water. Recharge the battery and only replace the caps if it has more than 12volts. It is advisable to use Voltmeter to measure voltage.

3. In case the problem is not completely solved, you should get an acid pack and replace the whole acid. If you charge the battery later, you will notice that things will be good. Additionally, it is crucial to know that in most cases the battery needs approximately 13 hours to get fully charged.

Keep in mind that if the battery cells are damaged the battery will get 80% of the power it had when you were purchasing it.

Is it possible to recondition a Laptop battery on Linux OS?

There are many ways to recondition a Laptop battery. Though many hate these process because they may be time-consuming, it is the best option because you may not have the money to purchase a new battery when an emergency comes. You can try these solutions on your damaged battery.

1. Remove the laptop from your Linux Laptop.

2. Put the Laptop battery in a deep freezer preferably for 24 hours.

3. Finally, insert it in the Laptop on Linux OS and recharged it 100%.

Solution 2

It has been proved as the most effective solution when it comes to reconditioning a Laptop battery. Check out the procedure.

1. Ensure that the Laptop is 100% charged and leave it on for 3 Hours.

2. Wait until the battery is empty. Your Laptop will turn off.

3. Recharge the battery until it is full. When you follow the procedure, your battery significantly increase.

Can a NiCad battery be reconditioned?

Firstly, it is good to know the cause of the battery getting damaged. This is because the terminal might be blocked which can prevent charging. Here is a guide which you can use to recondition your NiCad battery.

1. Access a spoilt Flash camera.

2. Place a battery holder and turn on the capacitor.

3. Ensure that all the wires cannot conduct electricity.

4. Keenly put the alkaline battery on the capacitor while the NiCad battery should be on the holder.

5. After you switch on the capacitor, it should grow.

How can you avoid purchasing a Hybrid battery every time?

Since the cost of purchasing a new battery may be very high, you can recondition a damaged Hybrid battery by simply replacing the modules.

Is reconditioning of batteries beneficial?

  • You will save on buying a new battery.
  • Strong sense of responsibility.
  • Abundance of supply.

In short, it is good to know how to recondition different types of batteries. Not only will you be able to save on money but improve the life of that battery.