HP laptop battery repair

hello everyone today video from section crazy hands this is the battery pack from mine five years old laptop all this time the laptop is working properly but the batteries seem to have their resource already you worked and died safely but not all of it battery pack ordered on aliexpress for about a year back the first two three months he worked excellent and the laptop could have no problems work on it for about four hours but after two to three months the batteries began to quickly lose capacity and Now the laptop can work from this battery pack is only 10 15 minutes I guess the Chinese stuffed some cheap batteries inside which are designed for a very small number of charge-discharge cycles replace the battery and in the native the battery pack I already wanted enough long time ago but experts say that just changing the battery is not enough and there’s something else to do with the controller the controller, as I understand it, this one board i’m interested to check it out statement carefully disassemble the battery pack I got it and inside, as we see There are 6 batteries 18650 flocks samsung 2800 milliamp hours each as far as I understand here it’s as if not 6 just three batteries since some of them are connected in parallel that is, there are three blocks of two battery in each unit and these three block eventually connected sequentially what in the end gives about 11 volts for starters, I decided to charge these blocks separately first block 2 and 3 made it very simple using here of this wire, in the end, I realized that battery and in the first two blocks working batteries in the third block completely dead let’s demonstrate I take the tester, turn it on, do not let we’ll see what voltage do the batteries give out these three blocks in the first block voltage of almost four volts in the second block 407 and in the third block there is no voltage accordingly these two batteries are dead finally they need to be replaced I have two Here are the batteries from the previous a laptop that has long since died and I am from now and these batteries and replace them with these red ones let’s see if the laptop can work with these batteries him like so, it worked out for me it turned out pretty free to but I hope it will work will give more check the tester once at all blocks there is voltage so on the first block is almost 4 as it was on second block 407 on third block 404 Now I will pack these batteries a box and try to put a laptop I got in. I’ll try to close the lid. it closes badly but still after all, I hope that in laptop this battery will fit but now try this network connected to computer moment charger and how can you watch charging in, remove the mains plug charger and now the computer runs on battery pack though until after I replaced the battery pack here these computer batteries from him refused to work at all so make sure that the computer is inserted exactly the battery pack that I solder now let me just him you will show you blue emulators and the red ones that I replaced so independently change emulators in laptop battery someone can tell why change it yourself batteries if you can just buy new battery pack and there will be absolutely right but buy a battery pack for laptop best in some checked places so that it doesn’t work out since with this instance two or three months it works fine and then batteries suddenly start to lose capacity to this battery pack worked like new naturally in it all batteries must be replaced I just wanted to check today, maybe whether to do it without any manipulations with the controller and how it turned out to be quite real for today all if you liked the video put likes good luck to all

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