Li-ion battery charge controller / device / detail

Hello everyone today, I would like to talk about charge controllers for lithium ion batteries I ordered these controllers with aliexpress lots for five pieces they came pretty quickly to give the mind in at least two weeks at I ordered the antistatic bags reverse polarity protection modules but this a bit later now let’s go from simple to more complex module which on the picture based on chip etc. 4056 i.e. lithium ion charging controller batteries with built-in temperature sensor this is already finished product with linear charge DC voltage principle direct current for 1 element lithium ion battery controller made in the case of jays has on the bottom surface metal heat puller not connected by contacts allows charge the battery with current up to 1 ampere naturally depends on the drive current resistor requires a minimum of hinged components this is a more sophisticated modification burn them and according to tp 4055 which in turn has a bunch of analogues which you will see now on the screen who is there anyone analogue really I do not judge I take a description of the conclusions of the chip, you can read it yourself by pausing the video the charging process consists of several stages the controller has a good profile and can be adapted to many different charging configurations and type of legions battery rated charging current can be changed under selection single resistor table such denominations see you on the module screen is a small scarf assembled charger circuit on in this picture you see the simplest no reverse polarity protection circuit almost identical to the datasheet except for connecting a temperature sensor battery on received in modules color of LEDs for charging completion another instead of green may be blue Of course you can if necessary bring the input of the temperature sensor separate wire on appearing on the foot and cutting it off gnd that is, from the ground or raising the foot to boards and on top if you want bespo I don’t just have to order there that is, on aliexpress another module with conclusions under the temperature sensor which you will see such a scarf now on screens the difference between such a scarf from the previous only in layout and dimensions description you see such a board on your screens can pause and read I want to immediately draw your attention to the fact that the controller has one feature not described in the datasheet it does not contain a circuit reverse polarity protection these overpayments are previous in this controller case guaranteed out of order due to excess maximum current and thermal breakdown but it’s only half the trouble of the controller breaks short and its output full input battery appears voltage this is especially true for a charge type 18 150 batteries when installed it is very easy to make a mistake with polarity Of course, this can be solved by that by purchasing a reverse polarity protection module except the charge controller on t & p; 4056 two chips 20 are added to it and nym l-80 205 and this scheme adds the following characteristics in the previous the module is a built-in protection the end of charging that is 42 volts but in basically this pde 4056 does it integrated short circuit protection 3 amp output limit roughly integrated deep protection battery discharge that is an example plus 2 and 4 volt micro usb connector on the board in the previous it was less than a hut to unfortunately protect against polarity reversal he for a long time will not be able to limit the current of everything 3 amperes for 201 and m82 0 5 and such current is not critical, etc. 4056 fast overheats and to let a small let’s look at a few examples connections for example such modules can use to build small power bank of well or for bicycle lights for flashlight or as a source portable column power supply options matter it will be very necessary choose a lot yourself but that’s all

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