Fixing Hoverboard Battery

as repair battery hower brothel scooter cores means here we take the battery measure his voltage we see that he is not write them and what should be written, and so it would be from one to ten and this we will connect the connector like this I made such a thing to connect measure means here is the first means with us it turns out three plans son will be 3 to 6 and 3 3. 6 3 6 volts and here we go so not after me we go down blueberries on top of basis of this and this whole thing we write we see that they are all seemingly normal until normal to 6 elements normal and when I got to the penultimate 9 voltage shows 0 here I went for each individual strength and means I got it so the first couple tricell 36 all 3 6 9 pair 0 volt means this pair does not work and 10 pairs and three s half a volt it differs from other see here 137 and 35 we will try it charge come in I thought I thought it good he will try to charge him and let’s see how we got it now we open that leaf with you where I painted which element is located in what place so here’s my cartoon drawing or the scheme where are located here as I already explained mean battery module monitoring system board from him we are posting here first is black the rest is all red and so I have 1 connected here to 2 connected here 3 here means we first second good we have bad 9 couple 9 pairs we have here and so here on this on the battery pack I drew a cross because here we have 10 will mean 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 here it’s 10 9 means we are not good and here this one in question means we can him put try to charge but here we will have to replace this one because of my experience it down we cannot charge if it has a voltage of 0 volts so no here my son came up my assistant the main thing is to give everything to you here what is your the problem is that the sound does not work generally not works right daughter whom they priced about not soldering and straight now i write and solder come on now I will solder you later I will continue to work so here I have there is a soldering iron we turn on soldered everything written down and we start to cut our our blog here it means I cut it in half and singe this board of electrical tape and they’ll do it earlier, you suddenly didn’t close they soldered the one inside there we are disconnect the pair cut it off use just the culprit is just not metal very thin one disconnected them and I’ll make them oblong on this board we check we watch these resistors shaft they are good and bad Now I’ll check for sure or I’ve made a mistake wrong means 1 and from blue 10 3 volt 9,000 that’s it and he needs it replace means 10 9 Loki cut off I have with one another you with a different battery I took here so paul so see the overlap solder I solder the wires noted to not messed up collect block in place and sealed it like this way and now we will check it let’s see how we will behave in how you put the regulator here and we check whether we will have charge and leave it to myself I should change the light bulb from engaged in charging Now let’s check if it works or not yet take out pour the button works so horror works recharge it to he was for a rabbi not us paper this before were at 6 solved

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