3 Myths and Facts of Car Battery

Numerous parts together combine to create an outstanding car. There are many small parts that hold a significant place in the car; car batteries are one of them. Owners are much aware of engines and other parts. Very few people understand the car batteries. The performance of these accessories depends on how the car is operated and other auxiliary capabilities.

To help the car owners know more about the batteries and eliminate misconceptions regarding the car batteries, let us find out some of the most common car battery facts and myths.

Myth #1: Once a Car Battery is Fully Charged, They are Ready to Store Indefinitely

Facts: In a car battery self-discharge takes place naturally. The amount of discharge is approximately at the rate of 1-60% per month. The rate might sometimes vary depending on the battery type and the temperature on which it is used.

In the case of higher storage temperature, the rate of self-discharge of the battery is faster irrespective of the type of floor on which it is placed. An old myth says that batteries discharge faster when kept on a concrete floor.

The myth was solely based on the auto batteries utilized in 1900’s that were kept in wooden boxes lined with tar. The materials used were porous, and hence the external leakage was much faster making the owner developing a misconception about the floor as a culprit. Car batteries used in today’s date are made of rubber that prevents external leakage.

Myth #2: Recharging the Car Battery Fully Depends on How It is Operated

Facts: It depends on some factors like temperature, amount of battery remaining and how much the charging voltage has been sent through the alternator to the battery. Going for short trips is not enough to fully charge the battery.

It is also a misconception that warming up of the battery can be done by raising the power consumption like by switching on the headlights. In most of the cases, it becomes a useless attempt. In case you need a fully charged battery, the wiser decision lies in making use of quality auto battery charger.

Myth #3: No Maintenance is Required for Sealed Maintenance-Free Batteries

Facts: In reality it is just the opposite. The car batteries are categorized into many classes. One of these includes the ‘maintenance free batteries’. These accessories are never self-sufficient as they sound. As these batteries remain sealed, it maintains the electrolyte level and hence proves to be much more suitable during the winter season.

However, the tag is wrong that they do not need any maintenance. Proper maintenance like checking the connections, loose terminals, and over-charging signs are a necessity.

The above-said are some of the facts and myths about the batteries. Knowing these myths is very essential for the car owners to keep the batteries in proper shape. In order to purchase a quality car accessory, battery store in Houston is a preferable choice as they offer unmatched quality.

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