Motorcycle Batteries

Motorcycle batteries come in a number of forms, most notably sealed lead acid and gel cell to power your bike.

While cars and trucks are the most common vehicles on the road there are many people that enjoy riding motorcycles. These are typically seen as a cool mode of transport and there are a variety of manufacturers that produce them. Like any motor vehicle, a motorcycle has a number of electrical and mechanical components and these need to be maintained to keep the vehicle in best condition. Motorcycle batteries are one of the critical components and these serve a few purposes.

The primary function of motorcycle batteries is to get a vehicle started, although they also provide power to the electrical components such as headlights, tail lights and horn. There are two standard types of batteries used for motorcycles. A conventional battery needs maintenance to keep it working well and this generally involves topping up the water and batter acid on a regular basis. These tend to be the most affordable style of battery. The second type is a maintenance free battery and, as the name suggests, these typically require much less work to keep them working well after they have been fitted.

Motorcycle batteries are typically designed and manufactured to provide a few years of services, although at some point they will typically need to be replaced. The type of battery required typically varies for different vehicles and it pays to check the battery type required before purchasing one. Generally the vehicle handbook is the best place to find this information, although a number of battery manufacturers have online features that can help you find the right battery for your machine.

Yuasa Batteries is one of the biggest manufacturers of batteries for motorcycles in the USA and they produce batteries for the bikes of many companies including Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Yamaha and Royal Enfield to name a few. On the Yuasa website they have a feature where you can select the make, year and model of motorcycle that you own to find the correct battery for this. Yuasa have an online store where there batteries can be found for sale and the costs for these typically start around the $35 mark, although can range up to $150.

Other manufacturers that produce motorcycle batteries include Scorpion, Odyssey and Westco. They can be found for sale at a variety of locations with online stores such as Apex Battery and Battery Stuff being options to consider. Many areas also have in-store locations for motorcycle parts and accessories and checking a local directory is generally the best way to find if you have a store in your area. Many of the motorcycle manufacturer’s stores will also have accessories available for their machines and these are also worth checking.

Many people like the freedom that owning a motorcycle provides and it can be a convenient method of getting around that can be suitable for many people. Keeping a motorbike in good working condition is obviously important and motorcycle batteries are one of the key components. If maintained properly these should provide a number of years of service, although if a replacement is needed there are a range of options to choose from.

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