Solar Laptop Panel Charger

The monitor on its side: the monitor when moving, you should observe the display, usually on both sides of the display back to a convenient hand that the buckle slot, the user buckle the buckle slot can easily move the monitor, we first The display side.
② the bottom of the display there are several cards: There are many holes in the bottom of the display, which will have to install the base mounting holes. In addition, you can see several protruding plastic hook on the base of the display, these plastic hook is used to fix the bottom of the display.
(3) mounting base: The first step is prominent plastic hook on the base is aligned with the hole in the bottom of the CANON lp-e10 battery pack display, to pay attention to insert direction. The second step is within the jack of the monitor base into the bottom of the display in the right direction. The third step is to push hard base. The fourth step is to hear a “click” sound, display base had been fixed on the monitor.
(4) to connect the monitor’s power: from the attached bag to remove the power cable, connect the other end of the monitor power cable to an electrical outlet.
⑤ connect the monitor signal line: Duanxiang connection to the rear of the monitor signal line and the back of the chassis graphics output, graphics output is the three rows of a 15-hole outlet, as long as the plug of the monitor signal line above the line. Interpolation time to pay attention to the direction of the manufacturers in the design of the plug in order to prevent the insert anti-frame design of the plug is trapezoidal, so under normal CANON Camera battery circumstances is not easy to plug the opposite. If you are using the graphics card is motherboard integrated, then under normal circumstances the monitor output jack position in the serial one below, If you are unsure, then please follow the instructions on the instructions for installation.

To connect a mouse, keyboard

The battery for CANON bp-808 keyboard and mouse is now the most important PC input devices must be installed. The installation of the keyboard and mouse is very simple, you just plug keyboard / mouse into the motherboard socket can at the gap direction.
Now the most common keyboard and mouse PS / 2 interface, the plug of the two interfaces is the same, it is easy to confuse, so we have to understand that when connected.

Small knowledge: the interface type, the mouse can be divided into the serial port, PS / 2, USB, three types of traditional mouse is a serial connection, it takes up a serial communication port. PS / 2 interface mouse is currently on the market mainstream products, USB interface, an input / output interface used to connect the keyboard, mouse, digital camera loaded with equipment. The USB mouse is now the new products, the keyboard has a PS / 2 interface, USB interface.
Tip: The plastic blocks after the keyboard can be handled by the keyboard at a slight angle for easy operation. The keyboard interface is used to connect the computer’s input devices – keyboard, access is a five-pin round plug. Connect a keyboard interface, pay attention to its direction, a small tongue of Plug head must be at the square hole in the Universal Solar Charger for Laptop jack.

3, install and connect the speakers

Playback devices have become essential in the multimedia computer speakers. As technology advances, multi-channel PC active speaker into the mainstream. So now most of the PC speaker to use the 2.1 style and 4.1 and 5.1 style – for example, 4.1 speakers generally consists of a subwoofer and four satellite speakers, 4.1 matched with a more professional sound card, you can get surround sound than strong sound.

Here we Cruiser R4.1 speakers, for example, you talk about the speaker connection.

The Edifier R4.1 of subwoofer R401T, and four passive speaker R80NT. Let us first to see the back of the main speaker (subwoofer), the far left is the power cord socket and power switch, four satellite speakers connected, the power supply is best not to open, let us first satellite speakers and the main connect the speakers.
First step, connect 4 satellite speakers can be found: in the speaker output jack on the back of the “R -” “- L” and other English words, it represent the “right surround DM500S Satellite Receiver speakers, positive and negative, positive and negative to the left surround speaker connection position of the two speakers. For the satellite speakers, technical indicators and there is no difference other words, they are exactly the same two products, has been able to produce two-channel effect is entirely due to the effectiveness of the sound card. So, when connected, we only need four speakers connected to it, but when connected speaker to pay attention to the positive and negative. Connection to the color of the line corresponds to not want to collide short circuit between the two joints.4500mAh solar powered battery charger

The second step, to connect audio:

If you are using a true 4-channel and above the sound source (sound card), the speaker input mode select switch to the side of the “channel”, this time composed of a 4.1 system, line-in port A as about channel (or front channel) input, battery for Acer travelmate 6000 line input port B as a surround channel input. If you are using ordinary stereo (2 channel) audio, set the input mode select switch (2 channel) side at this time is composed of virtual 4.1 surround speakers put virtual surround sound, audio can be from the line input port A or port B input.

The third step, the playback:

Plug in the power, master volume control knob to the appropriate location, turn the power switch to adjust the bass volume knob, you can enjoy the charm of the Cruiser R4.1 music according to your needs.
Tip: use the appropriate playback volume to listen to, because too much sound may damage your hearing system or undermine the sound system. , Open up the volume when the source output signal may be distorted, so you can adjust the volume of the audio output volume and the system to the appropriate location. The volume of the surround channels should not be too large, too large surround sound will also affect the listening effect, In addition, when as a virtual 4.1 Handle Grip Batteries playback speaker surround volume automatically becomes smaller.

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