Cold weather vehicle maintenance skills

Low-temperature oil protect the engine

Northern Guangdong days of a large area of ​​frozen, indicating that the local temperature has dropped to below 0 ℃, passing vehicles engine lubrication requirements are quite high. The use of a longer time, black color, adhesion deterioration of the oil should be replaced to ensure that the engine is running smoothly. In order to deal with driving under the long low-temperature environment, should replace Handle Grip Batteries the low-temperature oil for vehicles, to ensure the flow of oil at low temperatures to ensure the normal lubrication of the engine for a long time.

Go northward for required antifreeze

For the vast majority of owners of the Guangdong region, the tank of water equivalent to distilled water, and the role is limited to help engine cooling. In fact, in cold weather, the water tank more the role of antifreeze and distilled water will freeze below freezing, so there are owners who plan to visit the North had better pay attention to the problem of antifreeze: different regions and different models should be noted that and model of the freezing point of antifreeze. Before filling antifreeze want to check the engine cooling system for leakage, and should be immediately removed in order to use antifreeze. The CANON bp-535 camcorder Battery Antifreeze use the periodic inspections, and different brands and different types of products can not be mixed.

Low temperature destruction of the battery

All electrical equipment in the car and start the machine power source, the battery is very important. Batteries are most afraid of low temperature, in the cold environment, need to be supplemented to the Camcorder Batteries electrolyte of the battery and check save electricity use normal batteries, warm weather, cold temperatures, there may be performance dropped even failure, so before leaving battery maintenance should attract special attention to their owners.

Brake tire is very critical

Winter rain and snow the ground is extremely slippery, so pay special attention to the condition of the brakes and tires. First check the brakes before the trip the oiler surface of the high and low quality is worse, when necessary, timely Tim Note or replacement. Test the brake will not be wandering, the CANON NB-5L pack braking effect is good, usually small brake problem to the snow and ice will be magnified. Winter road surface friction coefficient is low, the tire pressure must be within prescribed limits, in order to have better brakes and steering in snow and ice, before the trip can be the situation of relatively good tire swap to the front, and the tread pattern, a mixture of foreign body clean up clean.

Warm air travel essential

Driving in a cold environment, heating is undoubtedly very important, it not only to people traveling to warm, but also as an important means of window defogging. Therefore, heater pipeline and fan should be checked before traveling, especially to pay attention to the Nikon MB-D10 Battery Grip windshield defroster outlet wind is normal, the adequacy of heat. Heaters use a longer time to stop, you should try there is no hot air, the fan running any abnormal sound, the duct is unobstructed.

Glass lotion need antifreeze

Guangdong owners mostly do not know the knowledge of the glass cleaning fluid instead of perennial water and clear detergents, these self-blending glass cleaning fluid is usually not a big problem, but those substitutes in a cold environment but it will freeze, not only can not use, or even cause damage to related components of the HDD docking station vehicle, so winter is not used, must be replaced on a freezing point lower glass cleaning fluid.

Hidden lamps in advance to change

Cold environment on the lamps of the vehicle is a test: the great temperature difference and the impact of frost and fog are likely to cause damage to the light bulb. In addition, rain and snow, poor visibility and a single environmental hue, if the vehicle lighting is also a problem, it is very easily lead to rear-end collision and other accidents. Therefore, for safety reasons, before travel should be black light bulbs replaced in advance, to eliminate the possibility of failure of lamps halfway. In addition, high brake Aspire 3610 battery lights are working correctly is also a winter driving safety protection, you need to pay attention to check.

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