iPhone battery maintenance and charging novice skills

iPhone to get the hand, the Internet very well, while the game is gorgeous, but a very prominent question is: old enough power, this is indeed a headache. But mastering the skill, properly maintained, is able to maximize the efficiency of the iPhone battery.

1, How the charge the new battery

In the use of lithium batteries should be noted that, after a period of time the battery is placed into hibernation, lower than normal capacity at this time, the use of time has also come to shorten. However, lithium batteries can easily activated, as long as after 3-5 times the normal charge-discharge cycle battery can be activated to restore normal capacity. Because lithium own characteristics, its decision is almost no memory effect. Therefore, users of the new lithium battery in the phone activation process does not require special methods and equipment. Not only the theory that, from my own practice, from the outset, using the standard method of charging that “activation” is the best.

For lithium batteries, “activate” problem, many iPad 2 Leather Case say is: the time to charge more than 12 hours, repeated three times to activate the battery. This “three times before charging more than 12 hours to charge” was obvious from the nickel battery (such as nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride) inherited from the argument. Therefore, this argument can be the beginning of miscommunication. Lithium and nickel battery charge and discharge characteristics are very big differences, but also very clear to tell you that I had access to all the serious official stressed that technical information overcharge and over discharge lithium batteries, especially lithium Dell Studio 1555 Battery liquid Ion battery causing great harm. The standard charge and therefore the best time and method of charging standards, in particular for not more than 12 hours of super-long charge. Typically, the statement introduced mobile phone charging method is suitable for the mobile phone standard method of charging.

In addition, lithium batteries cell phone or the battery charger will automatically stop after a full charge, there is no electricity nickel charger for 10 hours the so-called “trickle” charge. That is, if your lithium batteries in full, on the white charger is also sufficient. We can not guarantee that no one battery charge and discharge protection circuit features and never change and quality elsewhere, so your battery will be at risk of long-term brink. This is also another reason to oppose the long charge.

In addition, in some mobile phones, charging more than a certain time, if they do not remove the charger, this time not only to stop Sony NP-BN1 Charger charging system, will start to discharge – charge cycle. Perhaps the makers of this approach has its own purpose, but apparently the battery and cell phone / charger is detrimental in terms of life expectancy. At the same time, long charging would take a very long time, often at night, and to China’s power grid situation, at night in many parts of the voltage is higher, but also volatile. As already said, the lithium battery is very delicate, than nickel in the electric charge and discharge aspects of fluctuations in the capacity of resistance is much less, so this brings additional risk.

In addition, another aspect can not be ignored is the lithium batteries is not suitable for over-discharge, over-discharge of lithium batteries is also very unfavorable. This leads to the following questions.

2, when to start charging in normal use

Often Keyijiandao this argument, because the iPad 2 Foldable Leather Case charge and discharge cycles is limited, so it should be possible to run out of phone battery power recharging. But I found one on lithium-ion battery charge and discharge cycle test table, on the cycle life data is as follows:

Cycle life (10% DOD):> 1000 times
Cycle life (100% DOD):> 200 times

DOD is the depth of discharge of the abbreviation. Seen from the table, number of charge cycles and the depth of discharge, 10% DOD cycle life than the 100% DOD for much longer. Of course, if the actual charge equivalent to the relative total capacity: 10% * 1000 = 100, 100% * 200 = 200, the latter a full charge and discharge, or better than some, but in front of friends do say that some of the amendments: Under normal circumstances , you should have a reservation in accordance with the remaining battery charge and then run out the principle of charging, but if your Dell INSPIRON 9300 battery is expected in the first two days you can not persist throughout the day, when they should start on time charge, of course, if you willing to back charger to the office again a different matter.

And you need to charge to meet the anticipated upcoming busy communications will lead to an important event, even though there are a lot of battery power over time, then you just charge ahead, because you are not real loss “1″ sub-charge cycle life , that is, “0.x” times only, and often this x will be very small.

The remaining battery run out of charge of the principle is not want you to go to the extreme. And long, like charging a widespread view that “as far as possible the cell phone battery runs out, it is best to use automatic shutdown.” This approach is only practice on nickel batteries, the purpose is to avoid occurrence of memory effect, unfortunately, it is also spread of lithium batteries on this. It has been too low because the cell phone Acer batcl50l battery warning appears, still do not charge to use the example has been used in automatic shutdown. The results of this case, cell phone charging and starting later in the no response, had sent to customer service overhaul. In fact, this is because of the battery due to excessive discharge and led to low voltage, so that does not have the normal charge and power conditions caused.

3, the correct approach to the lithium battery

To sum up, I lithium batteries used in mobile phone charging and discharging, the most important tips are:

①, in accordance with standards and procedures, charging time, even for the first three should be so;
②, When the phone prompts when electricity is too low and should start charging as much as possible in a timely manner;
③, lithium IBM thinkpad a31 Battery do not need special activation method, the normal use of lithium batteries in the mobile phone will naturally activated. If you insist on spreading the “three times 12 hours before a long activation charge” approach, in fact, there will be no effect.

Therefore, all 12 hours long pursuit of the lithium battery charge and the practice of phone used in automatic shutdown, are wrong. If you used to be done in accordance with an error saying, please correct time, perhaps not too late.

Of course, cell phones and chargers to protect themselves and control circuit in the case of good quality, the protection of lithium batteries is still quite guaranteed. Therefore, the charge is the key to understand the rules, and in some cases also may make some concessions. For example, you find that your phone must be charged before going to sleep at night, you can also start NP-BN1 Charger charging before going to bed. The key is, you should know what the right way and wrong to say do not do it deliberately in accordance with.

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