Proper use of laptop battery

An expensive notebook computer, consumers usually purchase good or bad attention is the quality and specifications of equipment, of course, and comparing the various brands, select a line with your needs and budget notebook computer is the smart procurement However, in addition to meet the above requirements, read the manual carefully before use and follow the recommended care to use the computer, so it is a good way to save money wise. Take the battery, the general computer users are less likely to pay attention to the use of battery way, until the battery problems, may spend more money to know to buy a new battery, though the battery has always been a kind of computer consumables, with the increasing frequency of use, the battery storage capacity will be gradually degraded, but There are many cell damage is that the user caused by the careless use of, the current battery classroom, teach you some tips for battery, so you no longer battery headache.

Computer battery rule.
1) How to charge

  1. The computer is only one way to charge the battery, the battery into the computer, plug in the power supply, that is to start charging.
  2. Charging time of about 4 to 8 hours in between, depending on battery capacity and the plant design are different, fully charged, the charging indicator light goes out or turn green, it is best to disconnect the power supply.
  3. Best not to intermittent charging, that is not the NIKON EN-EL14 battery power supply plug back and forth in a short time.
  4. The best conditions in the off charge.
  5. Do not mix transformer or power supply voltage for each electronic product or charging voltage may be different, the use of error may damage the battery, the machine will be a serious burn.

2) How to use

  1. If the prolonged use of the power supply as power supply, it is recommended to remove the battery, a separate operation with a power supply is required to use the computer and then go into the battery.
  2. Current computer batteries and more lithium-ion battery-based, its biggest advantage is that there is no memory effect, so users do not have to worry about this problem, if the power can not run out of charge, but users are recommended to the system once the battery power warning insufficient, then the implementation of charging, the reliability of the battery help.
  3. Do not use battery power as the other.

3) How to save battery

  1. Remove the battery when not in use, do not put in the high-temperature environment, such as: direct sunlight or fire next to the car.
  2. Using the appropriate container, such as store the battery tray, battery output terminal non-metal and metal substances.
  3. If the term does not use batteries, rechargeable batteries should be about 60 ~ 80% of the saved, and periodically remove the use of chemical activity in order to maintain the battery, preferably about 1 month will do a charge and discharge the SONY NP-BN1 battery, then recharge save.
  4. Batteries within the battery of sophisticated electronic components and core components, to avoid falling on the ground and heavy percussion battery.

Troubleshooting battery occurs if the battery pack the following conditions:

  1. Can not be charged
  2. Not charge more than 90%
  3. Soon fully charged, and the use of time is very short.
  4. Power indicates nearly full, but only tens of minutes with no power
    Please follow the instructions below:
  5. First determine your operating system, power management settings to normal. To Windows systems, the console, there is a power option, make sure the settings are correct.
  6. Some brands of battery models will be designed with self-correction procedures, and some will be in Control Panel – Power Options can be found, and some will be built into the BIOS setup in accordance with the instructions of the program, the battery will be through this calibration procedures, return to normal. (the plant row and different models, please refer to your computer’s manual)
  7. If your computer does not have the battery self-correction function, your next step to correct the bp-511a battery:
    1). First fully charge the battery: Do not start charging, charging directly connected to the power supply until the computer into full charge indicator lights up.
    2). Disconnecting the power supply, (switch to battery) boot the computer, “the first time no matter how much battery power meter is.”
    3). You Keyi normally use the computer, or playback music or VCD videos to speed up the battery discharge rate, until the computer until the power shortage warning.
    4.) Shut down the computer, follow steps 1) manner.
    5). With step 2) to see whether the battery meter back to 95 ~ 100%. If the power back to 95 to 100%, the battery is no problem to normal. If power is still low, repeat 1 5 steps again. If the above can not solve the battery is not a normal situation, and that the battery pack for a great chance of hardware failure, and may need repair, can be resolved.

Now almost all computer batteries use lithium-ion NP-FW50 battery-based, and the battery power management within the IC, to manage the monitoring battery usage and battery records all the information, but sometimes later, with the increase in the frequency of use, or improper use of the information these management cells will be errors, so we must rely on the battery self-correction, to restore normal use, simply, the battery self-correction is to do a full battery charge and discharge, in the process of charging or discharging Do not interrupt, relying on the role of power management IC, the battery will self-adjust to the best use of the state, but Mr. cells to stress that the battery itself as a consumable, with the increasing frequency of use, batteries will be successive reduction of power , charge-discharge cycle life of about 500 times up and down, with time estimates, if you use every day, about 1 to 2 years in respect of exchange between a group of your new SANYO NP-180 Battery, and if the battery by way of self-correction is impossible to change the battery for use of chemical materials arising from the fact of aging. If you follow the above suggestions, Mr. batteries, I believe you use the computer to be more handy.

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