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because otherwise it’s going to run dead right so when you’re asleep at night when you’re not using your phone and you plug it in you want to have it charging with one amp now the easiest way to do that is to find a cheap USB charger because most of them on the market when you go into a retail store say one amp and you can even find it at the dollar store I don’t know if you trust electronics at the dollar store that’s up to you that’s your problem with them whatever charger you choose but what I’m saying is is that when you do charge when you’re not using the device you should use one hand when you are using it you’re probably going to need two amps ok so let’s start with step one step one is safety ok fifty percent are I’m sorry 50 degrees Fahrenheit – 65 degrees Fahrenheit okay turn off the GPS the Bluetooth and put it on airplane mode okay so basically turn off anything on the phone or device that’s using extra power turn off your day that turn off whatever and make sure that it’s unplugged from any charger or any other devices and whatever okay and you’re just going to let it run down that’s what you’re going to do so step two run the battery until it shuts off now during this time it’d be good idea not to use the screen you’re gonna let the battery charge slowly now it will at some point shut off it’ll probably freak out at about five percent of 50 percent and shut off okay which is going to be up here because it’s not actually at that it’s you know it’ll charge so then what you don’t want to do when the thing shuts itself off you gotta wait a little bit because the battery all batteries seem to be a little recumbent they steal batteries especially they they if you let them sit they get life back and so that means it’s going to read higher again and so you’re gonna you can remove the battery if you need to if it won’t turn back on replace the battery in the device not with a different battery with the same battery and turn it on again and you can keep doing this until the device will not turn out till it refuses to turn on okay then what you can do and this is again dangerous and your your manufacturer may tell you not to do this so then don’t do it you check with them first well you can do is when the battery says is that the device won’t turn on you can plug the if you check and make sure it’s safe check with the manufacturer you can plug the charger into your phone again I recommend only one amp at this point and get it to turn on and make sure then turn the screen off turn everything off let it sit there unplugging the charger and let it de chartes and if you do that it might just show you the real value of the battery which is what you did in my case okay then you’re going to let it sit there again takes a lot of patience in airplane mode until it shuts off at this point the battery is you don’t really know where it is you don’t know how low it is so weird things could happen the battery’s damaged anyway so from rapid charging in different things so it’s really flaky as to what it’s going to do so you swalot run down slowly as you can okay once this is done once you think you’ve got it D charged as much as you want okay or it just gets too clicky or whatever and you’re worried you definitely don’t want to run battery below 15% to 5% below that because if you do it can do permanent damage to the battery and it will never recharge back to the full capacity again so once you’ve done that find yourself charger that’s 1 amp or less even a 500 milliamp charger and of course the less the better but it will take longer then what you want to do is plug in your device and let it charge until it’s completely charged until it’s there’s a hundred percent okay now you may need to repeat the entire process but you should notice when you do this that you’re going to get a lot of life so you just yeah to date I was out I do property inspections I take pictures of people’s houses and I was out doing one and device was dead almost before I was done and it was frightening because you know I can’t afford to do that I have to have power you know while I’m doing my inspections and so anyway so I decided last night and today to recondition the battery I’ve gone through this procedure one time okay and now my phone I’ve had it on and it seems to be doing pretty good it’s at what 77% right now and and I’ve

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