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got the Wi-Fi turned on I’ve got some different stuff going on here and it seems to be it seems to be staying up pretty good so I’m just gonna run it down gradually and because the phone and the battery of reset now and they have a better idea of how much capacity of the battery actually has if I run it down again while it’s on and then kind of sort of go through some of this again and then let it completely recharge it should be reconditioned now some people when your battery gets older have to do this like once a month but anyway I like this one amp charger just because this is a power pad and it only charges an amp uses an amp and it’s solar so it’s good for the environment it’s portable and I can plug my devices into a charge and now this won’t work if I’m on the road for my cellphone because now I’ll probably a little bit I think everything about about lithium batteries exploding so they can explosion kokum they can explode if they get too hot and the explosion isn’t always what you think I mean it can be an explosion but it also can just be really really hot burn kinda like a rocket or propane torch or something like that or assembling torch or a plasma cutter it could just it can be really really hot burn and like I said that’s really dangerous I haven’t heard of anybody you know dying from a lithium explosion from a bad cell phone battery or a laptop battery or a tablet but I’m just telling you you won’t play safe and this works with anything that’s personal laptops tablets whatever of course you know if you don’t have bluetooth you don’t have GPS maybe all you have is Wi-Fi but again you want the screen off the problem with the laptop is you don’t want it to go to sleep you want to make sure you change the settings so it doesn’t go to sleep or hibernate on you you want it to actually run down now if you want to get really technical and this is not something I would recommend for anybody the course is all at your own risk you can take a wire and you can put it connect one one wire to you know two different places on the battery and run it through something like a lightbulb some kind of resistor you know so it doesn’t short out and you can just let it sit there until it runs dead unfortunately though these lithium batteries you don’t really know you know sometimes they’re marked positive and negative but you don’t always know you know and the other thing is you gotta have a lot of resistance or the thing will blow up so that’s why I don’t recommend it it requires extra stuff with this method all you have to have is the device and the battery and yourself and charger you know that’s that’s it so this is something that is it your own risky but you are likely to be able to do it yourself the other methods that people use unfortunately are more complicated and you probably wouldn’t want to do it yourself I would want you to do it yourself because again if you do it wrong the battery will explode so and of course there’s there’s always the cost of the device in addition to your safety so like comment share and subscribe if you have any insights on this you feel free to comment and it’s okay if you you know you disagree with me or whatever go ahead and post like I say there are a lot of experts that tell you every directions manuals to tell you to keep the batteries charged all the time always keep on top and that’s what causes this that’s that’s in my experience that’s what causes this I’m sure the people out there that disagree with me and that’s okay you know just degree to disagree or whatever you can comment you can you can see you disagree that’s fine but I just want to tell you this is how I do it and it works for me I’ve done a credit people and but it I think it’s important to do it as soon as you notice that you know your battery is just not lasting very long at all because otherwise I think that the damage becomes more permanent so anyways like comment share and subscribe and if you’d like to support this YouTube channel you can go to our main YouTube page of our channel and there’s a blue support button you can click that there and you can give a donation if you like or you can mail a donation to peel box 483 written out to Justin bright hop and you can see you can send that to Paul Mary Washington 9 94 7 P a box 43 and and just like I said or you can just you could make the check out to Justin I guess Justin bright house so anyways thank you so much and have a nice day you

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