Ez Battery Reconditioning Review: Does It Really Work?

how much money do you spend replacing batteries for your car electronic devices cell phone and other items if you’re like most people buying new batteries as a regular expense but what if those expenses could be avoided that’s the question posed by easy battery reconditioning a product that explains how to recondition your old batteries so they work like new in this review will explain what easy battery reconditioning is what it claims to do and whether buying this product as a worthwhile investment what is easy battery reconditioning easy battery reconditioning is an informational product in the form of a downloadable ebook it explains in detail how to recondition 10 types of batteries its goal is to help even people with limited electronics knowledge to extend the life of their batteries and save hundreds of dollars a year this is an online-only product so it can’t be found in stores who created easy battery reconditioning easy battery reconditioning is the brainchild of two men their names are Tom Erikson and Frank Thompson they decided to create this program after they learned how to recondition batteries and realized how much money it could save them in other words this product is based on their personal knowledge and expertise they figured out this method and wanted to share it with the public and that’s why they created easy battery reconditioning who is ez battery reconditioning designed to help ez battery reconditioning as a product that everybody can benefit from it explains in simple easy-to-understand language the method you can use to recondition your batteries so you don’t have to buy new ones on a regular basis this product may be particularly appealing to people who have limited income or lived on a fixed budget however even people for whom money as no object may like and appreciate being able to save money on batteries one thing we really like about ez battery reconditioning is that you don’t have to know anything about batteries to benefit from this product it explains everything very clearly so even beginners can understand it and use it to extend the life of their batteries how does easy battery reconditioning work are you wondering how easy battery reconditioning works let’s walk through the basic process to help you understand the first step has removed the battery you want to recondition from your car or electronic device it’s important to wear hand and eye protection to protect you from coming into contact with battery acid you will also need to disconnect all power to the battery if there are wires after that you’ll need to clean the battery Tom and Frank explain how to do this in detail but basically it involves using steel wool or an abrasive brush to remove any residue that has built up during the life of the battery the next step involves using a multimeter to see if the battery can be reconditioned it’s important to note that not all batteries are good candidates for reconditioning most are but a damaged battery may not be worth saving you’ll also need a hydrometer for this step these two tools work together to help you test the condition of the battery and their use as thoroughly explained in the book once you have determined that your battery can be reconditioned then it’s time to use one of the methods outlined in the book they are remove sulfation from the lead-acid cells using a method called equalization sulfation builds up as a result of the reaction between lead and sulfuric acid the book explains Frank’s unique equalization method in detail remove sulfation using a chemical additive the book explains the method of using chemicals and a high frequency device to remove sulfation and recondition the battery what else both methods require proper safety precautions Frank and Tom describe the safety methods you should use to recondition your batteries in the book including which safety equipment you’ll need to protect yourself a 2006 study in the journal of power sources explained that sulfation as a common cause of failure in the lead acid batteries commonly used in military land vehicle it also concluded that understanding sulfation requires an understanding of various battery models and how the sulfation might affect them another study published in the same journal found that putting certain additives into lead acid batteries could help prolong their life and decrease sulfation specifically this

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